Thursday, May 6, 2010

Taco Tour '10

The first St. George Taco Tour in Ryan's rockin' bus was officially off the hook. Sweet tunes, yummy tacos and, as always, great company. Andersons, Stanleys, Roberts, Mathis and new members Empeys were present. We ordered carnitas at each place and rated them (1-5) according to flavor, presentation, texture and salsa. We also gave them an overall score. Here is the breakdown, from best to worst, of the average overall score:

4.5 Irmitas in washington
4.25 Jalapenos
4 Irmitas on 700 S.
3.75 Leo's (Leo was especially charming and his horchata was really good)
3 Roberto's
2.5 El Amate
1.5 Avaros

We also had some good discussions about those of you that didn't show up. FYI some of you are treading on thin ice.

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